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Kevin Drummond

Kevin Drummond

As the Operations Manager, Kevin Drummond is responsible for the duties of the operation manager consist of managing office support, maintaining finance, and addressing payroll-related issues.

Kevin has maintained that position for two (2) years here at Resilient Lives LLC. He also works as a machine operator for a rubber company for seven (7) years. He is originally from Ford Heights, Illinois, a south Suburb located outside Chicago.

Kevin’s passion for helping people is what inspired him to work for Resilient Lives LLC. Kevin scribe to be a positive member of the community. He has volunteered for multiple nonprofit organizations, such as Goodwill and Exchange Solutions. Kevin also loves to work with his hands doing things, such as home remodeling and working on cars.

Kesha Moore

Kesha Moore

Kesha Moore has ten (10) plus years of experience working with people with disabilities and seniors 65 and older. She received her Bachelors of Health Administration in 2008 and her Masters of Health Administration in 2009.

She previously worked as a Quality Assurance Director at MN Security Hospital, a Safety Coordinator for a leading medical device manufacturer, and a Community Health Instructor at Summit Academy OIC.

Kesha’s favorite hobbies are reading, spending time with family and friends, and playing scrabble.

She is exceptional when it comes to strategic planning, quality assurance, program management, care coordination, and mentoring as entrepreneurship.

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong is the Director of Clients Services for Resilient Lives LLC. She has over ten (10) years of experience in community living healthcare supporting persons with mental and physical disabilities. 

She has applied her knowledge and skills as a Direct Support Professional at Mains’l Services and Rem Hennepin to improve the quality of life persons served. Jessica leads the organization’s efforts to provide quality in-home care for all persons served. 

Jessica’s favorite hobbies and pastime are going to Zumba classes, listening to music, and tending for her child as a new mother.

Her strong traits and attributes that greatly helped us achieve success are being thoughtful, having integrity, and being patient.

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