Testimonials from Clients and Caregivers

  1. I've been working for Resilient Lives for more than two years. I appreciate how passionate they are about their clients well-being, and how easy they are to work for. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to take care of my daughter on her schedule and in her own home, and I appreciate how responsive they are to her individualized needs. Their processes are straightforward and easy to follow, allowing me to focus on caring for my loved one in the environment that makes her most comfortable. Thanks for improving her quality of life and easing the burden of providing for her daily needs.

    John, Caregiver.
  2. “My experience has been excellent I have been here since the beginning 3 years of professionalism, and they take a personal approach. I like that they match you with the client the fits the best training and safety is important to them. They have always been flexible with my schedule very cool people. Two thumbs up!”

    Vernita, Caregiver.
  3. “Resilient Lives always takes good care of me! I don’t have a single complaint”

    Robin, Client.
  4. “Had a huge impact on my life I couldn’t take care of my day to day and then Resilient Lives came in with home making and IHS service. These services motivated me to take control of my environment and it has made such a difference. I feel supported helping me gain access to services I wouldn’t typically be able to get to. They never made me feel like a number or an inconvenience it feels like they care and like they are family.”

    Cassandra, Client.
  5. “I started working with Resilient Lives in August 2023. And since then, it’s been great being employed by them. They are flexible with my hours, very easy to get in touch with management and more! I hope to continue working with them and have a great employer on my resume.”

    Jordan C., Caregiver
  6. “Everyone is helpful. I have Home Making and IHS services with Resilient Lives. I have had the same caregiver the entire time and we get along great!”

    Jennifer, Client.
  7. “Resilient lives has been a great experience which is why I’m still with them. I like that when I need to make changes in my schedule or increase client, I can. I really don’t have anything bad to say. I’ve never had any problems.”

    Allesia, Caregiver.